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Connexicon Colmar, France – 30.-31. October 2021

Photographer: Moped1

Annotopia Bad Mergentheim, Germany – 21.-22. September 2021

Photographer: Sarah Schmidlin Photography, blackdogwalker13pixelrock

Esthétix – Münchwilen, Switzerland 23.November 2019

Eventorganizer: Esthétix, Rebel Proof Postapocalyptic Showact + Dancer: Rebel Proof , Ita, Carlos, Delicious, Chris Alphanerd, Wedarhex, Lin Jenna, Jane Insane Support with Booth Material: Navia Photographer Francesco Tancredi

SHOUT! – Leipzig, Germany 23.November 2019

Eventorganizer:Black Celebration Events, Delicious Cult of Chrome Fire-/LED-Performer + Dancer: Mary DeWeirdo, Bella Bass, Sebastian Outlaw, Thenia Af

Black Celebration Vol. XI – Halle, Germany 26.October 2019

Eventorganizer: Black Celebration Events, Delicious Cult of Chrome Fire-/LED-Performer + Dancer: Mary DeWeirdo, Bella Bass, Shivahontas

Mad Max 40th Anniversary – Tricesimo, Udine, Italy 29.-30. September 2019

Eventorganizer: Mediocre \8/ , Roby della Ricca Cultists: Tim Burns, Mediocre \8/ , Sarah Schmidlin Photography, Cheshire Nox, Tizian Rust, NAVKA, Ita – It’s art, Dagda, Jo Van Vault, Wedarhex, Jani Lind, Sparta Amory, Iceman Props and Cosplay, and a lot more Photographer: Sarah Schmidlin Photography, Rudimin_72 , Enrico Marega Photography, Foto Roby Lyon

Ramstein Air Base ComicCon – Ramstein, Germany 21.-22. September 2019

Eventorganizer of Cult: Brian Sachs Cultists: Aesthetic Apocalypse, Wasteland Weber + Son Car: Brian Sachs , Trashman Hax Photographer:: Nik with a Cam

FaRK – Wassergarten in Landsweiler, Reden, Germany 23.-25.08.2019

Eventorganizer: FaRK, Aesthetic Apocalypse, Cultists: Jo Van Vault, Boar, Vikingard, Alphanerd , Cage Customs Photographer: Dirk Haupert, FrauMarodes Urbex, Phylax Photography, Heiko Joseph, Michael Marx, Christian Anders, WidowFX Photography, OJ Photography-Art,Exxpression

Gamescom Deep Silver’s Wasteland 3 – Cologne, Germany 20.-24.08.2019

We are very proud and thankful, that the Cult of Chrome was requested by Deep Silver to perform the release of Wasteland 3 at gamescom Cologne 2019. .As well we are proud of our local crew Miss Lyesmith & Former Cultist Grave “Unholy” Artist , who will represent us there, worthy! .Furthermore thank you for…
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Paradise Lost Party – Munich, Germany 27.07.2019

Eventorganizer: Cult of Chrome, Mediocre \8/ , Eastside Club Munich Photographer:Mario Bauer, Mike Mace Cultists: Aesthetic Apocalypse, Heljia Insane, Mary DeWeirdo, Jo Van Vault, Wasteland Vulture, Crazy Red Scorpion, Grave Artist, Xavenia, Siren Sarah Phoenix, Cheshire Nox, Tizian Rust, Lujayne Sealya, NAVKA, Ita – It’s art, Dagda, Xime, Laura, Isa Saytiria, Styrax Fotografie, Vani Wonka