Esthétix – Münchwilen, Switzerland 23.November 2019


Eventorganizer: Esthétix, Rebel Proof

Postapocalyptic Showact + Dancer: Rebel Proof , Ita, Carlos, Delicious, Chris Alphanerd, Wedarhex, Lin Jenna, Jane Insane

Support with Booth Material: Navia

Photographer Francesco Tancredi

SHOUT! – Leipzig, Germany 23.November 2019


Eventorganizer:Black Celebration Events, Delicious

Cult of Chrome Fire-/LED-Performer + Dancer: Mary DeWeirdo, Bella Bass, Sebastian Outlaw, Thenia Af

Black Celebration Vol. XI – Halle, Germany 26.October 2019


Eventorganizer: Black Celebration Events, Delicious

Cult of Chrome Fire-/LED-Performer + Dancer: Mary DeWeirdo, Bella Bass, Shivahontas

Mad Max 40th Anniversary – Tricesimo, Udine, Italy 29.-30. September 2019


Eventorganizer: Mediocre \8/ , Roby della Ricca

Cultists: Tim Burns, Mediocre \8/ , Sarah Schmidlin Photography, Cheshire Nox, Tizian Rust, NAVKA, Ita – It’s art, Dagda, Jo Van Vault, Wedarhex, Jani Lind, Sparta Amory, Iceman Props and Cosplay, and a lot more

Photographer: Sarah Schmidlin Photography, Rudimin_72 , Enrico Marega Photography, Foto Roby Lyon

Ramstein Air Base ComicCon – Ramstein, Germany 21.-22. September 2019


Eventorganizer of Cult: Brian Sachs

Cultists: Aesthetic Apocalypse, Wasteland Weber + Son

Car: Brian Sachs , Trashman Hax

Photographer:: Nik with a Cam

Annotopia – Rotenburg a. d. Fulda, Germany 07.-08. September 2019


Cult of Chrome

Eventorganizer of Cult: Jo van Vault, Xavenia

Photographer: Mario Bauer, Sarah Schmidlin Photography, Magic Moments Event Pictures, Fotografie Dirk Härtl

FaRK – Wassergarten in Landsweiler, Reden, Germany 23.-25.08.2019


Eventorganizer: FaRK, Aesthetic Apocalypse,

Cultists: Jo Van Vault, Boar, Vikingard, Alphanerd , Cage Customs

Photographer: Dirk Haupert, FrauMarodes Urbex, Phylax Photography, Heiko Joseph, Michael Marx, Christian Anders, WidowFX Photography, OJ Photography-Art,Exxpression

Gamescom Deep Silver’s Wasteland 3 – Cologne, Germany 20.-24.08.2019


We are very proud and thankful, that the Cult of Chrome was requested by Deep Silver to perform the release of Wasteland 3 at gamescom Cologne 2019. .
As well we are proud of our local crew Miss Lyesmith & Former Cultist Grave “Unholy” Artist , who will represent us there, worthy! .
Furthermore thank you for support through postapocar, decomaterial , transport, negotiation and consultion from Bai Krendel, Börner Transport & Dienstleistungen, Holger Steiner, Aesthetic Apocalypse & Delicious !

Paradise Lost Party – Munich, Germany 27.07.2019


Eventorganizer: Cult of Chrome, Mediocre \8/ , Eastside Club Munich

Photographer:Mario Bauer, Mike Mace

Cultists: Aesthetic Apocalypse, Heljia Insane, Mary DeWeirdo, Jo Van Vault, Wasteland Vulture, Crazy Red Scorpion, Grave Artist, Xavenia, Siren Sarah Phoenix, Cheshire Nox, Tizian Rust, Lujayne Sealya, NAVKA, Ita – It’s art, Dagda, Xime, Laura, Isa Saytiria, Styrax Fotografie, Vani Wonka

ComicCon – Stuttgart, Germany 29.-30. June 2019


Eventorganizer: Comic Con Germany, Delicious  Boar – Postapocalyptic Crafts 

Cultists: Mediocre \8/  Jaded Cosplay & Adventures Kiet Katharsis – Model  Aesthetic Apocalypse  Brian Sachs  Eddy Deadhead Liza Hölzer Miss Lyesmith  Ita – It’s art  Erber Michael  It’s Loki Cosplay  Bettina Person  Daniel Zille Jr.   Nuclear Gunsmith  Xavenia  Nico Thomalla  Sammy Schrodt  Frank Biefel  Patrick Biefel   Christian Strunk  Alex Mahl  Isa Poe  Shadow Cat Creations  Stefan Göth  Vani Wonka

Photographer: CospixCreation, VWPics, TR-Galerie, Mario Bauer