Most events we do are in Germany because the majority of the members are located there. But don’t hesitate to ask for other european countries!
We are specialized in the genres  (post-)apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Dieselpunk, Dark Future, Wasteland, Dystopia, Fallout, and the Mad Max Franchise (Just fans celebrating the Wastelands – no affiliation w/ official Fallout, Mad Max Franchise or Time Warner).

Shows & Displays

Walking Acts, Photopoints, Visitors can sit on a throne!

Photography & Video

Music Videos, Trailers, Shortfilms, Indi-productions, Photoshootings

Props & Vehicles

We got vehicles and all kinds of post-apocalyptic props


Game and Movie promotions at conventions  and cinemas

Everything else!

Got an own idea? We’re in!

We have specialists!

Among our members we got specialists and professionals for everything fantastic.

Costume designers

Need costumes for your production. We have many designers who are taking comissions! We are doing genres like post-apocalyptic, science-fiction, dark future, dieselpunk and other similar.

Prop makers

Need stuff for your business like escape rooms, fright nights, haunted house, scene bars, whatever. We got the guys that make your place like no other!

Armor crafters

We have specialists for every kind of armor. Helmets, Shells, Bracers, Shoulderpads, Metal or foam, Larp or show, you need it, we make it!


We have the people that can support you with character design, paintings, stencils and all other kinds of art.